MA Primary: Unadjusted Exit poll Indicates Bernie won

Richard Charnin's Blog

Richard Charnin
Mar.4, 2016 (updated for CVS analysis)

Late changes to the MA Democratic Primary exit poll indicate that the election was likely stolen. AS ALWAYS, the exit poll was adjusted to match the recorded vote.

Sanders led the UNADJUSTED  exit poll Gender crosstab  of 1297 respondents by 52.3-45.7%. The poll was downloaded  from the CNN site at 8:01pm .

Clinton led the final  1406 respondents by 50.3-48.7% – an  exact match to the  RECORDED vote.  But her 50.3% share was IMPOSSIBLE.  The proof is self-explanatory: How could Clinton gain  114 respondents and Sanders just 7 among the final 109 respondents?

Exit pollsters at Edison Research should not have made  adjustments . But it is standard operating procedure.  Why?  It is unscientific and hides the actual exit poll results. It  serves to cover-up the fraud which is measured by the recorded vote discrepancy (see the 2004 and 2008 National Exit Poll adjustments…

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