Why do some say separate the ego out, while others talk about oneness? What happens to the ego after spiritual awakening? Don’t I need it to function?


Revealing the Absolute

You are referring to different parts of the spiritual path. In the beginning it is vital to be able to discern the transient from the eternal. Most if not all are born identified with form and that seems natural for children. Form by nature is fleeting; so if we believe we are nothing but form (mainly body and mind), then we suffer because we are constantly under the notion that we are decaying and that which we are attached to is always trying to slip away. So devotion will be geared and directed towards self- preservation.

Therefore, it is important to ask a question that points to the awareness in spite of mind and body; in spite of form. If one devotes themselves to the inquiry relentlessly they will discover that they are the observer of phenomenon. And suffering starts to ease up; there are some good days and some…

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